The purpose of psychotherapy is to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviour in order to solve problems. Psychotherapy aims to improve your sense of wellbeing by learning about your moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviours and how to respond to life’s challenges.

Our psychotherapy service includes:

  • Integrative Child Psychotherapy and Adult Counselling
  • Integrative Child Psychotherapist and Adult Counsellor
  • Approved Adoption Counsellor
  • Working therapeutically through the arts – offering sand tray, art and play therapy
  • Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families
  • More than 20 years’ experience with special needs
  • Both open-ended and short-term counselling offered


  • Experiencing relationship difficulties?
  • Having problems in the workplace?
  • Struggling with loss or change?
  • Finding it difficult to cope with a trauma?
  • Living with someone who is distressed?
  • Finding it difficult to express your feelings?
  • Pulling your hair out over the kids?
  • Looking for support for yourself?

Trying to help a child/adolescent in your family – with emotional problems?

Or someone you know in need of some emotional support?

At Best Practice the services we offer include:

Clinic Times:

Ad hoc.

For further information regarding adult counselling services, life coaching or child psychotherapy treatments in Cowplain, please contact us on 023 9226 7000 or email

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