Everyone’s ears produce wax, but sometimes it can become trapped in your ear canal causing a build up. Eventually the blockage can affect your hearing and the wax will need to be removed. Our expert audiologist uses the latest technology to remove ear wax – via endoscopic micro-suction.

Micro-suction, which is far safer than syringing is one method to remove build up of ear wax. Usually you do not need to put drops in your ears before treatment to soften the wax which means most of our patients leave after their first visit with their hearing restored.

Expert AudiologistShindler Sandhu audiologist at Best Practice

Shindler Sandhu is a highly experienced audiologist. He now works in both the public (NHS) and private sectors.


One ear £50
Both ears £60

For further information or to discuss microsuction treatment please call 07834 528 191 or email info@regainhearinghampshire.com or shindler2006@hotmail.co.uk 

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