Lumps and Bumps


There are a number of conditions that cause lumps and bumps to develop. These are usually harmless but sometimes need to be seen by a doctor. At Best Practice any experienced consultant surgeons can carry out your procedure.

Mole removal, cyst removal, fatty lumps removal:

Skin lesion removal under local anaesthetic at a time that suits you, after work in the evenings Consultation and treatment available in one session for sebaceous cyst scalp, skin keratosis, lipoma, sebaceous cyst neck, mole, skin tags.


  • Experienced Consultant Surgeons who have performed 1000s of procedures
  • A bespoke, modern, clean operating theatre
  • A ‘one-stop’ friendly and efficient service – consultation and surgery completed in less than 30mins

Mr Simon Toh MBBS, FRCS (gen surg)
Mr Toh’s NHS and private practice consists of general and highly sub-specialised upper GI surgery. He treats benign and malignant upper GI disease including gastro-oesophageal reflux, oesophago-gastric cancers, liver and biliary disease (eg gallstones) using advanced laparoscopic procedures, where appropriate. General surgical procedures he undertakes include open and laparoscopic hernia repair, minor skin lesions and endoscopy.

Clinic Times:

5.00pm – 8.00pm weekly.

Price List:

£50 for a new patient consultation and from £280 for surgery.

For further information or to discuss your healthcare requirements please contact us on 023 9226 7000 or email

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