Traditional acupuncture is a complete, evidence-based healthcare system that stimulates your body’s natural healing response and more people are discovering that it can bring relief for all types of health problems

Acupuncture appointments at Best Practice Services Hampshire


Discounted initial consultation with our professional humanistic counsellor for £15; help to explore feelings and cope with ‘life events’ in a non-judgemental environment of trust and understanding

Counselling service Portsmouth


Cryotherapy is an advanced freezing innovation that is fast, effective and completely safe, as it works by freezing the tissue and destroying the cells, promoting new skin growth

Private beauty appointments at Best Practice Services

Dermatology & Specialist Skin Service

Specialist dermatologist Steve Keohane now offers clinics at Best Practice, treating skin cancer and other skin related conditions

Dermatology treatments

Dietary Services

Good health is often achieved by having a good diet. Our highly-experienced dietician advises on how to find the correct balance with a diet that will offer a healthier lifestyle for you and your children

Dietary Services Portsmouth

Facial, Skin & Beauty Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is a rejuvenating system to resculpt the face, neck and jaw areas to help decrease wrinkles and promote a glowing complexion while supporting your overall health

Facial, Skin and Beauty Acupuncture

Fertility Services

At Best Practice Services we are pleased to work with Wessex Fertility, offering Hampshire patients an alternative convenient location for your fertility appointments

Fertility clinic near Portsmouth


Our consultant Gynaecologist and specialist in Obstetrics can offer a wide range of gynaecological procedures and laparoscopic procedures, supported by his expertise in keyhole gynaecological surgery

Gynaecology treatments Portsmouth

Health Psychology

Fully qualified, registered and experienced, our Health Psychologist of Healthily Ahead Consultancy can help you manage difficult or chronic ill-health conditions through support, advice and therapy

Health Psychology Treatments

Hearing Care

40 years’ experience of improving lives of the hard of hearing, Hidden Hearing is one of the largest providers of hearing healthcare in the UK with a range of advice and products for hearing problems

Hearing Care

Hypnotherapy and NLP

Hypnotherapy and NLP are the only therapies that specifically target and work on the subconscious and together provide an effective, rapid change in behaviour

Hypnotherapy at Best Practice South


Our expert audiologist uses the latest technology to remove ear wax – via endoscopic micro-suction

Miscrosuction treatment at Best Practice

Non Surgical Cosmetics

Our Advanced Nurse Practitioner Paul Watts offers non surgical anti wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers in a clinically safe environment at competitive prices


Offering a range of orthotic solutions to patients of all ages our experienced consultant can help to improve a person’s function loss and structural deformities to treat a wide range of conditions

Orthotic Treatments

Physiotherapy Service

We are delighted to be working in partnership with The Physio Clinic, who will take full advantage of our outstanding treatment and rehabilitation facilities and diagnostic imaging services whilst working alongside some of the regions top consultants

Physio World MSK Centre of Excellence

Podiatry & Chiropody

From a ‘centre of foot care excellence’ our registered and qualified Podiatrist provides professional diagnosis and treatments for many conditions of the foot using the most up-to-date equipment

Podiatry and Chiropody Treatments


At Best Practice Services we offer private psychiatry appointments to help with depression, anxiety, menopausal mood changes, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar affective disorder, personality disorder, dementia and mild cognitive impairment.

Psychiatry at Best Practice Services


As an experienced Integrative Child Psychotherapist, Adult Counsellor and Approved Adoption Counsellor Celeste Counselling Services supports the health, wellbeing and lives of patients of all ages

Psychotherapy services

Semi-permenant make-up

Semi permanent make-up is a process whereby hypo-allergenic pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin. Semi permanent make-up usually last for around 1 to 3 years

Semi-permanent make-up at Best Practice Services

And much more… if you are based locally, in Cowplain, Waterlooville, and the Portsmouth area call us or pop in for further information. If you are further afield, call us to discuss your healthcare requirements on 023 9226 7000 or email

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