Semi Permanent Make-up (SPMU)

Lan Ong runs the Semi Permanent Make-up service at Best Practice South.

What is Semi Permanent Make-Up?

Semi permanent make-up is a process whereby hypo-allergenic pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin.  The pigment inserted, after the healing process, will stay in the skin for a number of years and and begin to break down with time – depending on your skin type, age and lifestyle.

Why will the colour fade?

All of the inks used in this procedure are designed for this treatment only and are not used for general tattooing.  The inks are hypo-allergenic and approved by the relevant regulatory bodies.  A patch test will always be required in advance of a treatment session to ensure that a client is able to safely receive the treatment.

How long will the make-up last?

Semi permanent make-up usually last for around 1 to 3 years but you may require a re-touch up annually or maybe even sooner depending on your skin type, daily activities and any hormonal changes.  The colour of the make-up fades but the particles are still present in the skin.

What happens after Semi Permanent Make-Up treatment?

Just like a regular tattoo, individuals’ skins absorb pigments differently.  This means your results may look different to someone else’s.  Additionally, like any other healing tattoo, there is an awkward healing stage where you may suffer from an itchy scab for a few days.  Your skin may also feel quite dry – so it’s really important that you resist the urge to itch!

Its all about eyebrows….

The most frequently treated part of the face with semi permanent make-up is the eyebrows.  Treatment is particularly good for clients who have scarce growth of hair follicles in their eyebrows, have over plucked their eyebrows over the years and now experience poor re-growth or those suffering from air loss due to skin diseases and or other treatments such as chemotherapy.  Eye brow semi permanent make-up generally seems to last between 3 and 5 years with the occasional touch up required.

Book your consultation now!

Call 02392 267000 to book a consultation with Lan to discuss your options.  Lan will explore your medical history and particularly discuss any previous skin treatments or chronic conditions that you may be receiving other treatments for.


Valid from 24th October to 20th November

15 minute consultation £20.00 (if a treatment is booked this £20 is offset against the cost of the treatment)

Eye Brow (top or bottom) £180.00

Top up eyebrows within 4 weeks £90

Top up after 6 months £180


Eyeliner – either top or bottom – £240

Eyeliner – top AND bottom – £280

Free top up if required


Lip Liner (full set or line) £99

Free top up if required


Meso skin treatments £50 per session


For further information or to discuss your semi permanent make-up requirements and make an appointment call 023 9226 7000 or email

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